Making the most of Bristol Community Energy- New Bristol Uni project seeks to support community groups in forthcoming Green Deal


The University of Bristol (UoB) is funding a research and knowledge exchange project to work alongside the Bristol Energy Network (BEN) and Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to help communities maintain the momentum from government seed grants in the field of green energy and to examine the roles of intermediaries such as CSE and BEN.

The project will explore community group’s demand and potential roles in the UK’s new ‘Green Deal’ and help to identify barriers to community group involvement. It will also explore alternatives to the Green Deal, such as a Bristol-specific Energy Services Company, bulk buying and other energy efficiency activity.


Bristol was one of the most successful areas in the UK in obtaining funds from the Government’s recent Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF). This new project will explore how and why Bristol groups were so successful and how to maintain the momentum generated by this activity. The hope is that this applied research will be of immediate use to community groups and networks in Bristol as well as being of wider use nationally.


To make the outcomes as useful as possible to community groups, we very much welcome their input and will be actively seeking responses in several areas. When we have specific queries, these will be advertised through the Bristol Energy Network.


We are a small team of UoB members of staff, graduates and experienced independent researchers. The main contact point for community groups is Caroline: