Maintaining Momentum, post LEAF: a new knowledge exchange project with Bristol University

We are excited to announce that Bristol University has provided a grant to support an exchange of knowledge and skills between members of the university and Bristol Energy Network over the next 6 months or so. The grant aims to help facilitate the process of maintaining momentum for community energy policy and activities in the wake of the LEAF grants. It will support significant aspects of the planned Community Energy Day in September, as well as a series of activities and enquiries by two people who will work with the community groups and on policy and regulatory aspects.


Those two individuals are Isabel Bottoms ( and Caroline Bird ( In due course, we will let you know more about the kind of activities or contact you might expect from them, but initially we would like to ask whether the groups that received LEAF funding from DECC would be willing to make available to Caroline the final reports  that were sent to DECC after the LEAF grants ended. It would be very helpful to be able to look across all the Bristol or near Bristol-based groups that worked with this funding in order to begin to evaluate what worked best and what didn?t, and what would be the most helpful support for facilitating next steps.


If you are willing to provide this report, could you send a copy directly to Caroline Bird (