What do you want from and for Bristol Energy Network? notes from Forum


This is a summary of comments and suggestions made in plenary by participants of the Bristol Community Energy Forum on Saturday 15th September 2012.


  1. Future events


  • Environmental impacts of energy: eg focus on using less energy – from a green point of view, that’s the main issue

  • Energy market reform and how and why local groups should support the Clean British Energy Campaign

  • How do we maximise green transport in and around Bristol? Licensing of green taxis only, pedestrianisation of Bristol city centre, hybrid buses only in park and ride…

  • Wider energy issues, eg Bristol air quality (related to transport) is bad for Bristol residents – joining agendas across energy

  • Exploring differences between areas, linked to fuel poverty and ECO

  • Green Deal focus – getting it right, correct materials and installation, links to business, adverse impacts (eg moisture)

  • Engage with the market and business, plus further afield, – beyond solar to builders merchants and other installers – models of engagement, creating opportunities and employment?

  • Energy efficiency in relation to creating healthy buildings

  • Links to policy and consultation (eg with CSE)

Other comments:

  • Look outwards at other organisations which may participate in Green Deal who may not have heard or may not have any community element in their plans.

  • Send individuals out into the community to talk to people, including visiting job centres, community centres, talk to people outside supermarkets, and independent food shops. BEN needs to go out to people rather than wait for people to go to BEN for information.

  • How do we get young people interested in BEN and thinking about saving energy/resources in the future?


  1. What can you contribute?

  • If we do transport work, make sure we link in with the group for Transport for Greater Bristol Alliance who do lots of great lobbying/campaigning on sustainable transport in the greater Bristol area. (www.tfgb.org.uk)

  • technical advice around energy assessment and costing, building health – moisture and refurbishment – workshop? (piers@piers-sadler.co.uk)

  • switching to LED lighting – I (who?) could maybe find info through contacts on this


  1. Future of Bristol Energy Network?

Direction of travel:

  1. Co-ordinate professional and voluntary groups on delivery of energy savings and renewables.

  1. Represent these groups to other bodies e.g Government, council, Big 6 energy providers, funders, media.

  1. Horizon scanning – inform members of changing landscape (may imply BEN employees).