CSE expanding our support for community energy


In-depth for local groups, and 'light touch' for rest of UK

CSE’s communities team has provided dozens of groups across Bristol and Somerset with help and advice over the last 18 months via an email and telephone service, as well as some technical and on-site support to groups working on a range of energy projects.

This community support programme is continuing, and the team are now able to offer up to two days of free in-depth support for up to eight groups in the Avon and Somerset area.

“Because the type of help needed varies so much between groups, it’s great that we can be so flexible in the type of support we provide,” explained CSE’s Morgan Griffin.

“Some groups might need support with engaging their local community or delivering an event – others need technical advice about renewable energy or the best energy saving measures for the housing stock in their area. We can also offer training on topical subjects – like the renewable heat incentive or the Green Deal, develop bespoke advice materials, support setting up and managing a project, or help getting specific schemes or areas of work off the ground.”

As well as this, the team is also extending its help outside of the Bristol and Somerset area, by offering some light touch support (such as information and advice tailored to suit the needs of your group) to groups right across the UK.

If your group is stuck on one aspect of its project, or you think you may lack the skills in a specific area, then get in touch with CSE to find out what sort of support we can offer. For further information, you can email us at communities@cse.org.uk.

Alternatively if you're a local group looking for in-depth support, download an application form here.

For full details of the services the team offers, visit the communities pages of the website.

You may also be able to find help for your project among the many resources available on CSE's PlanLoCaL and The Source websites.

Article reproduced with permission from CSE. Originally published 13/8/2012