Free loft insulation delivered to your home

In a bold new initiative, 1,000 householders across Bristol are being offered loft insulation that is not only free but is delivered directly to their home.

A good offer? You bet. Insulating a loft from scratch, or even just topping up to the recommended depth of 270mm means typically 25-35 rolls of bulky insulation, which would cost hundreds of pounds and require at least half a dozen trips to the DIY story for an average estate car.

The scheme, which is run by CSE in partnership with Bristol City Council, began on 13 September and has already attracted considerable interest from householders keen to insulate their lofts in time for the coming winter.

CSE's Phillip Morris said "The first 1,000 callers to the South West Energy Saving Trust advice line (0800 512 012) will be able to claim the free Rockwool loft insulation, which can have a huge effect on keeping homes warm and reducing fuel bills.

"We think this is among the most generous DIY insulation schemes anywhere in country, and saving a trip to the DIY store is an added bonus."

The scheme is open to everyone in Bristol who owns or rents a private domestic property that has not previously had funding for insulation. It is funded by Bristol City Council and npower, with support from Wolseley builders' suppliers.

CSE's energy advisors staffing the 0800 freephone have reported a tremendous surge in call volumes following publicity about this scheme on local BBC webpages.

Phillip urged people to take advantage of schemes like this while they still could. “This initiative is funded through the Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) which is an obligation on energy suppliers to help us make carbon savings in our home. But CERT won't be around after 2012, and insulation materials will no longer be heavily subsidised. People should hurry to take advantage of insulation offers while they still have the chance."

To claim the free loft insulation, call 0800 512 012. NB you will be asked for an approximate idea of the existing depth of insulation in your property and the size of your loft.


NB. Because this initiative is funded by Bristol City Council, only residents that live within the Bristol City Council boundary are eligible for this scheme. This product is intended for insulating existing homes and is not intended for use in new buildings or extensions. Further subsidies cannot be claimed by professional installers on this product. Offer limited to 100m2 coverage per household. This offer is not availabe to social housing properties.

Article kindly reproduced with permission from CSE.