Participate in the Skyprospector trial to maximise local use of solar

Do you have solar panels on your business or residential property? Would you like to be involved in a trial of new energy saving technology?

The Skyprospector trial is a UK technology strategy board funded study to quantify the savings from energy efficiency measures that match solar micro-generation of electricity with on-site use. This trial is installing high-resolution electricity monitors in homes, commercial properties and community centres in and around Bristol.

By matching microgeneration of electricity with on-site use, customers pay less.

Participants in this study will learn how well their solar microgeneration performs compared to similar properties and be able to assess the costs and benefits of new "smart demand" technology that shifts heating and cooling to maximise the use of local solar generation.

To get involved complete the questionaire which can be accessed here. It should take about 5 minutes. Clean Energy Prospector will then inform you by email if your property fits their trial criteria.


About Skyprospector:
Skyprospector is a service that enables electricity customers to determine the mix of microgeneration and smart demand shifting technologies that provides the best return on investment for their site. The Skyprospector service collects data from electricity meters, microgenerators, and heating and cooling devices such as fridges and hot water cylinders. From this data, our scenario analysis tool predicts cost saving potential. Then, with demand management tools, these savings can be automatically realised.

Further details can be found on their website: