Lastest propsal for reducing the feed in tarriff (FIT) for large scale PV

Latest proposals for reducing the feed in tariff (FIT) for large scale PV schemes (over 50kW) have just been published for consultation. The intention is to implement the new rates from 1st August this year:

For large PV installations:

  • >50kW – ≤150kW: 19p/kWh
  • >150kW – ≤250kW: 15p/kWh
  • >250kW – ≤5MW: 8.5p/kWh

And for farm scale AD installations:

  • ≤250kW:   14p/kWh
  • >250 – ≤500kW: 13p/kWh

However an increase in the FIT for farm-scale AD (up to 500kW) is proposed, with these new rates:

  • ≤ 250kW TIC: 14.0p/kWh
  • >250kW – ≤ 500 kW TIC: 13.0p/kWh

More information here: