Fighting climate change and reducing our carbon emissions will need everyone – businesses, community groups, government and individuals – to take action. BEN is committed to helping our network take action and supporting the empowerment of local communities. 

Bristol Energy Network proposes an Energy Pledge-to-Action project where people would make carbon reduction “pledges” based on their lifestyles and preferences, and be supported by the BEN team and our member organisations, to turn pledge/s into real action.

Key to the success of the pledge approach is providing support to those making pledges so that they can turn those pledges into action.

This is where BEN can add value and help aspirational pledges turn into real, tangible actions with measurable positive outcomes. From the analysis of our previous paper based pledges we showed that switching light bulbs could save the average Bristol House 151kg CO2e per year. If everyone in Bristol pledged to do this and succeeded, it would save 28.69 kT of CO2e per year! But people need support, information, and encouragement and that is what BEN can provide.

We are partnering with the fantastic carbon calculator Giki Zero. (get informed know your impact) where you will be able to make your pledge and see the difference it can make.

Watch this space for details on how to sign up!


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