Community Powered Change – Making Decisions that make a Difference

Many of the complex challenges we face are really urgent: from climate change to fuel poverty, we need action yesterday. But in our haste many are left behind and the decisions we make are poorer for it. After all, how can we create a world that works for everyone if we don’t include everyone in … Continued

Notes 6 July 2016

We held our BEN open meeting in Lockleaze on 6 July, titled Putting Communities at the Heart of Bristol’s Energy System. Read the meeting notes: 6 July 2016 notes Putting Communities at the Heart of Bristol

Notes from 4 May 2016 BEN meeting

Thanks to everyone who came to our meeting this week at the Kuumba Centre. We had some great discussions about values, partnerships and how we can organise meetings that make people feel welcome and able to participate. We’ll be sharing notes very soon. Thanks also to Surplus Supper Club for the delicious food! You can … Continued

Consultation on further reforms to the Capacity Market

Bristol Energy Network (BEN) and Bristol City Council (BCC) welcome this opportunity to respond to DECC’s consultation on further reforms to the Capacity Market.
BEN and BCC’s consultation response focuses on the capacity market’s treatment of diesel generators. It is motivated by our experience of local planning applications being submitted for the deployment of diesel generators to serve the capacity market. These applications are often strongly resisted by the communities which we represent.

Bristol Energy Network Community Energy Strategy Steering Group – Terms of Refenerence

Bristol Energy Network is be holding monthly meetings with Bristol City Council to discuss progress relating to themes of the community energy strategy. We invite members to attend these meeings which are held on the 1st Thursday of each month (with the exception of the April meeting which will be on the 14th April due to the Easter Hoildays. Currently two themes are being explored however we intend to add a addtional general staregy meeting going forwards to cover the other aspects of the strategy :

Renewable Energy (1hrs)


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