“The electric commons: A qualitative study of community accountability”

This 2017 paper by Emilia Melville explores  how energy might be conceptualised as a “commons” – a resource owned and managed by a community with a system of rules for production and consumption, testing one of the design principles for successful management of common pool resources: that there should be community accountability for individual consumption behaviour. … Continued

“The roles of communities and local authorities in the GB sustainable energy transition: a commons and multi-stakeholder governance perspective.”

Emilia Melville’s PhD thesis (2107) uses case studies from the South West of England, including Bristol, to look at how local and community organisations can support a sustainable energy transition in Great Britain. It also looks at how theoretical frameworks of commons (commonly owned) and polycentric (multi-stakeholder) governance contribute to understanding these roles. The roles of … Continued

“The local embedding of technologies through community-led initiatives: the case of sustainable energy”

Jake Barnes’ PhD thesis (2016) looks at how how are community-led energy initiatives integrating and using sustainable technologies locally. This uncovers a gap in current knowledge between the how technology is adopted by wider society the how technology is used by individuals. Jake proposes that community-led initiatives can fill this gap and how the local context … Continued

“Mapping household direct energy consumption in the United Kingdom to provide a new perspective on energy justice”

This article, written in April 2016, looks at energy consumption (gas, electricity and cars) from thousands of households to see how high energy consumers can reduce their use and makes policy recommendations about targeting resources to reduce consumption on equity and justice principles.   Mapping household direct energy consumption in the United Kingdom to provide … Continued


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