Enhancing the communication potential of smart metering for energy and water

This article written by 4 authors including Aleksandra Michalec (who gave a presentation at our July BEN Open meeting) and David Tudgey takes the findings of a number of focus groups to conclude that the communication strategy for the installation of water and Smart meters needs to change to meet the needs of customers to … Continued

“The electric commons: A qualitative study of community accountability”

This 2017 paper by Emilia Melville explores  how energy might be conceptualised as a “commons” – a resource owned and managed by a community with a system of rules for production and consumption, testing one of the design principles for successful management of common pool resources: that there should be community accountability for individual consumption behaviour. … Continued

“The roles of communities and local authorities in the GB sustainable energy transition: a commons and multi-stakeholder governance perspective.”

Emilia Melville’s PhD thesis (2107) uses case studies from the South West of England, including Bristol, to look at how local and community organisations can support a sustainable energy transition in Great Britain. It also looks at how theoretical frameworks of commons (commonly owned) and polycentric (multi-stakeholder) governance contribute to understanding these roles. The roles of … Continued

“The local embedding of technologies through community-led initiatives: the case of sustainable energy”

Jake Barnes’ PhD thesis (2016) looks at how how are community-led energy initiatives integrating and using sustainable technologies locally. This uncovers a gap in current knowledge between the how technology is adopted by wider society the how technology is used by individuals. Jake proposes that community-led initiatives can fill this gap and how the local context … Continued


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