Energy Champions started during Green Capital year 2015 and has recently been revitalised through the REPLICATE project in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill.

This is currently concentraing on these wards. However, the vision is for every neighbourhood in Bristol to have a local person to turn to for energy advice, a person who would champion energy saving in their community.

Training is provided to Energy Champions to help enable them to support energy groups in the city, work with community groups wanting to run energy programmes or to start their own projects. We also have get-togethers so Energy Champions could meet each other and come up with ideas together.

In the past, Energy Champions have got involved in:

●     Helping conduct energy efficiency surveys

●     Learning how to construct solar panels and teaching others

●     Conducting small bits of research

●     Demonstrating new technologies

●     Providing advice and support

Activities & Events

BEN Open meeting: Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency

Thursday 19th September 6.30-9pm, Cotham Parish Church, Cotham Road, BS6 6DR

Hosted by the revitalised Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Energy Group the next BEN Open Meeting will be about retrofitting for energy efficiency.

So come along to find out what is happening locally with the BCR Energy Group and across the city with projects like FutureProof – a home retrofit service that helps homeowners and builders to carry out energy saving improvements and refurbishments.

There will also be an update from Bristol Energy Network, workshops about retrofitting and an opportunity to network with others interested in energy and community energy projects from around the city AND some great food!

Friday 20th September: Global Climate Strike on College Green

We’ll be talking to the students and union members who are striking for the climate about positive actions they can take to cut carbon emissions. In partnership with the University of Bristol we will be asking strikers to make an EnergyPledge to say how they are going to work with organisations to ensure the city can reach its target of net zero carbon by 2030.


10.30-10.45 Set up

10:45  – 11:15 Induction for volunteers

11:15  – 14:00 Engaging public to pledge

15:45  – 16:15 Induction for volunteers

16:30 –  18:30 Engaging public to pledge

18:30 –  19:00 Pack down

So, if you can spare some time (maybe even the whole day!) please join us to play a positive part in this global day of action to save our climate!

If you are interested please contact Dave Tudgey on  07846 057470  or

REPLICATE Energy Champions Celebration Meal!

Wednesday 25th September 6-7.30pm, Easton Community Centre Kilburn Street, BS5 6AW

Join the Energy Champions to wrap up the REPLICATE project which has offered low-cost energy efficiency measures to householders across Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill. Discover what the project achieved and how the Champions contributed to its success.

AND find out what the Champions will be doing next to help tackle fuel poverty through the WHAM project (Warm Homes And Money) with the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE).

If you would like to come along to the meal please book your space by emailing Caroline Ennion or phone 07871791679.

Get involved!

If you cannot do these events but are interested in becoming an Energy Champion or if you have an event you would like us to come along to, please email Caroline Ennion or phone 07871791679.

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