Energy champions first meetingEnergy Champions was a project funded by Green Capital during 2015. This project was run in partnership with OVO Energy, NHS, Centre for Sustainable Energy and Friends of the Earth. The vision for Energy Champions was for every neighbourhood in Bristol to have a local person to turn to for energy advice, a person who would champion energy saving in their community. Training was provided to Energy Champions to help enable them to support energy groups in the city, work with community groups wanting to run energy programmes or to start their own projects. We also had get-togethers so Energy Champions could meet each other and come up with ideas together.


Bristol is full of exciting projects about energy, run by many different organisations and new ones are starting all the time. Energy Champion were invited to join projects in their area, which included:

●     Taking Thermal Images of homes

●     Helping conduct energy efficiency surveys

●     Showing people around energy efficient homes

●     Learning how to construct solar panels and teaching others

●     Conducting small bits of research

●     Participating in street parties, local events and tea parties

●     Demonstrating new technologies

●     Draft busting demonstrations and fitting

●     Providing advice and support



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