Energy Champions started during Green Capital year 2015 and has recently been revitalised through the REPLICATE project in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill.

This is currently concentraing on these wards. However, the vision is for every neighbourhood in Bristol to have a local person to turn to for energy advice, a person who would champion energy saving in their community.

Training is provided to Energy Champions to help enable them to support energy groups in the city, work with community groups wanting to run energy programmes or to start their own projects. We also have get-togethers so Energy Champions could meet each other and come up with ideas together.

In the past, Energy Champions have got involved in:

●     Helping conduct energy efficiency surveys

●     Learning how to construct solar panels and teaching others

●     Conducting small bits of research

●     Demonstrating new technologies

●     Providing advice and support


Activities & Events

Festival of Solutions: Sustainable Solutions

Sat 13th July at Easton Community Centre

Join BEN and the Energy Champions at this FREE Up Our Street event open to all residents in Easton and Lawrence Hill. Inspiring speakers, practical workshops and lunch! Book your tickets here.

Overcoming the barriers to tackling the climate crisis

Wednesday 17th July 6-7.30pm, St Pauls Learning Center, Grosvenor Road, BS2 8XJ

Struggling to get to grips with what you can do about the climate crisis or want to do more? Then come along to this interactive workshop with researcher Nikki Jones to look at the barriers to tackling climate change that we share in our community, and how we overcome them.

You will leave with some ideas and new enthusiasm for making some changes yourself and some knowledge to help persuade that reluctant aunt or work colleague to take action! All with the knowledge that others around you are doing the same

Book your tickets here.

Get involved!

There are a few more events and activities to get involved in before the end of July, check out the Energy Champions REPLICATE Calendar!

The funding from the REPLICATE project means that BEN can offer you:

  • £15 for you for every house that you sign up that goes through with a REPLICATE retrofit measure
  • Living wage for each event you plan and help out at
  • Training
You also get the warm glow of doing your energy thing!

If you are interested and would like to find out more about becoming an Energy Champion or if you have an event you would like us to come along to, please email Caroline Ennion or phone 07871791679.

For information about BEN please sign up to the newsletter or check out the Events page.


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