Talk: Is Nuclear the Answer?

17 August, 7.30pm, The Eastfield Inn, 219 Henleaze Road, Henleaze, Bristol, BS9 4NQ  Should nuclear fill the UK’s energy gap? Does nuclear provide a genuinely low carbon energy supply? How much do safety issues add to the cost? Nikki will answer the question of why the UK government is intent on a nuclear energy strategy. … Continued

Bedminster Energy Group meeting

1 August, 7.30pm, The Hare, North Street, Bedminster BS3 1EN Bedminster Energy Group are taking a break from talks over the summer but you can join them at their next meeting. The September meeting will be 5 September, same place and time.

Talk: Global Energy Trends

27 July, 7.30pm, The Eastfield Inn, 219 Henleaze Road, Henleaze, Bristol, BS9 4NQ Who’s got coal, oil and gas and who’s consuming it? Why is there a crisis in the fossil fuel industries? What are the prospects for a green future when fossil fuels are cheap? Nikki will be giving an overview of trends in … Continued

Free Talk: Energy Projects and the Planning System

This talk will be a guide to the consenting system in the UK for energy projects. It will talk about the different consents needed for renewables and other energy projects, how these interact with other laws such as environmental impact assessment and the hurdles that have to be jumped through to get a project … Continued

Free Talk: Sustainable Transport and Behaviour Change

Dr. Neil Williams, Founder of Tilix energy consultancy and Katie Aartse-Tuyn, Volunteer Programme Manager at Sustrans will be joining forces to present about electric vehicles and behaviour change theories. Register

10th Anniversary Green Mingle

The monthly Green Mingle offers individuals, organisations and Partnership Pledge members the opportunity to network in an informal setting with like-minded colleagues, to learn more about innovative projects and initiatives in Bristol, and for local individuals, groups and businesses to make connections and share ideas. This July we’ll be holding an extra special Green Mingle at At-Bristol to … Continued

Bristol Energy Co-operative: It’s Now & It’s Awesome!

A Community Energy Fortnight celebration of renewable energy. Come and listen to a variety of speakers sharing their insights about the recent successes of renewable energy, and what projects are in the pipeline. An informative day, with plenty of tea breaks to chat with fellow attendees and speakers, and find out how you can get … Continued

FREE Talk: The Way Forward

Will switching to renewable energy be enough to stabilise global warming? Is there a role for carbon capture and storage? What are the prospects for demand management and battery storage? Nikki Jones, researcher/writer on global energy, will be giving an overview of current energy and emission projections and new technologies. Can we move fast enough … Continued

Free screening: ‘The Truth Behind the Dash for Gas’

This film examines the potential impacts of fracking and coal bed methane extraction in Somerset and beyond. It includes the social, health and environmental consequences associated with unconventional gas drilling.

FREE Talk: Land Use and Climate Change

How does humans’ use of land contribute to climate change? Is the livestock industry a bigger source of greenhouse gases than fossil fuels? What is Biological Energy Carbon Capture and Storage and should it underpin climate change policy? Nikki Jones, researcher/writer on global energy will be explaining the climate change impact of land use in … Continued


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