Megawatt Community Energy Fund launch

Bristol Energy Cooperative’s Megawatt Community Energy Fund is open for applications from 1/08/17 to 26/09/17. This Fund is a grant programme recycling profit from Bristol Energy Cooperative’s community energy business activity into community action on reducing the amount of carbon in our atmosphere, and/or making energy more affordable eg through focused fuel poverty initiatives. The … Continued

BEN at Green Capital Partnership 10 Year Anniversary

Bristol Energy Network took part in the Green Capital Partnership 10 Year Anniversary event this month, including having our new marquee up, which was home to Bristol Energy Cooperative, Warm up Bristol and other groups.

The CHEESE project gains worldwide coverage and interest!

BBC Futures is an online magazine aimed at a global audience outside the UK. Since this article has been published we have gained interest from Ireland, Finland, Italy, India, and USA. Read the article. Want to get involved? Have a survey Apply for a survey – paid surveys allow us to offer free surveys to those in fuel poverty as well as … Continued

Bristol Energy Cooperative bond offer

Bristol Energy Cooperative currently has an ISA-eligible Bond Offer investment opportunity open until 31st July 2017. Through the bond you can benefit from tax-free returns and earn interest at a target rate of 4.5% per year for 3 years. Minimum investment if £100. The money raised will enable innovative community-owned clean energy projects. More info

Bristol Energy Network awarded £5,000 for commitment to equality

BEN members took part in the Better Bristol campaign organised by Bristol Green Capital Partnership. We were thrilled to be awarded the special £5,000 grant for our commitment to inclusion and equality. Look out for an upcoming article in Bristol 247. More info

Diesel generator campaign success

Plutus Energy’s recently appealed against Bristol City Council’s rejection of its planning application for a diesel generator installation 200 yards from a nursery school in Lawrence Hill. Thanks to the hard work of RADE (Residents Against Dirty Energy) and others groups, the appeal was rejected. Congratulations to all those involved!

Centre for Sustainable Energy: OpenLV project

OpenLV is a groundbreaking, £6m project that’s making local electricity data openly available – to the energy industry, community groups and app developers. The purpose is to improve the capacity of the local low voltage (LV) electricity network so that it can cope with the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy use and the increase in electricity use that … Continued

Support our crowdfund!

Bristol Energy Network members are taking part in Bristol Green Capital’s Better Bristol crowdfund. Our fundraiser, Fuelling the Energy Revolution in Bristol, is one of over 20 looking to raise between £6,000 and £8,000. Projects raise 50% of their overall target from at least 40 people before 28 June will receive top up grants of between £3,000 … Continued

Energy Ambassador Course

ENERGY PRICES ON THE RISE As the price of energy rises and incomes are squeezed, The Energy Ambassador Course, organised by Growing Futures, will help Bristol residents to improve their awareness of their personal energy consumption. This is a free course that runs over 5 sessions. It covers top tips, from managing your money to … Continued


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