FREE Talk: Global Energy Trends

Who’s got coal, oil and gas and who’s consuming it?

Why is there a crisis in the fossil fuel industries?

What are the prospects for a green future when fossil fuels are cheap?

Nikki Jones, researcher/writer on global energy will be giving an overview of trends in fossil fuel production and consumption in The Room Above, White Bear, St Michael’s Hill, BS2 8BS. She will present the facts and figures and put the decarbonisation challenge in perspective. This is a chance to understand the current crisis in the fossil fuel industries. There will be opportunities for questions throughout.

This talk will be the third in a series of seven talks focusing on climate change and energy use. The other events in this series are:

1. What is Climate Change – 17th May

2. A Beginner’s Guide To The Oil and Gas Industry – 24th May

3. Global Energy Trends – 31st May

4. UK Energy, Emissions and Targets – 7th June

5. Is Nuclear The Answer? – 14th June

6. Land Use and Climate Change – 21st June

7. The Way Forward – 28th June

All of these talks are sponsored by the Bristol Energy Cooperative.

The talk will begin at 7:30 pm.