BEN Open Meeting, 19 June 2019

This meeting will be hosted by Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust and Low Carbon Gordano who will be talking about their plans for a new Urban Solar Farm in Lockleaze that will place a megawatt of solar panels on around 300 domestic roofs.

This will be developed into a project plan that they have been invited to work up by the Power to Change Trust, which will hopefully lead to a  £100,000 Next Generation energy award to implement the scheme. For more information on the Lockleaze project see here

Date: Wednesday 19 June 2019

Time: 6.30-9pm

Venue: Lockleaze Family Community Club, Romney Ave, Bristol BS7 9TD

During the open meeting, there will also be an update on BEN, opportunities to network with others in the city interested in community energy projects as well as some delicious local nosh!




Link to the Lockleaze Community Plan from Suzanne Wilson

Lockleaze Solar Rooftop Farm by David Saunders

Bristol Solar Map by Thomas Statham & Lenka Hašová

BEG Solar auction by Matt Wood

Link to the One City Plan from Mark Leach

BEN Update by Caroline Ennion



What can BEN do for you?

What can BEN do for you?

Next steps:

1. Send out a small survey to each of our members to secure funding bid that will better help BEN to support YOU!

2. Look at setting up a Spotlight on Community Buildings event and invite anchor organisations across the city

3. Add some governance documents and a guide to setting up new groups to the Resources section of the website


Solar Auctions

Solar Auctions

Next step:

Initiate discussions with the different authorities in the West of England and WECA to look at a regional Solar Auction.









Community Co-design

Community Co-design

Next Steps:

1. BEN to look into developing a tools for anchor organisations on writing Community Energy Plans, showcasing energy efficiency measures in community buildings and developing a business case for community energy projects

2. Revitalise the Greater Fishponds group to develop a community solar project supported by BEN

3. BEN to work include Ashley Community Housing in the WarmUpSkillUp project to address the energy efficiency performance gap of new-build housing and existing housing.

Toolkit for how communities and local authorities can work together

Toolkit workshop

Next Steps:

  1. Pull out the key learning points and key wins for both Local Authorities and Community Groups, with short summaries of each section
  2. The case studies need to include heroic failures and what we can learn from them
  3. This is all about people, so emphasise co-design and why it’s important for Local Authorities in particular to engage with communities through energy