Community Powered Change – Making Decisions that make a Difference

By Osian Rees On Saturday 19th November, Bristol Energy Network hosted a workshop facilitated by Jose Barco, Fausto Peña and Kat Wall of Community CoLab. The workshop was titled “Community Powered Change: Making decisions that make a Difference”. The workshop was attented by a vast diversity of people representing organisations that spanned from campaigning for … Continued

Nexus between community and municipal power in Bristol’s quest for energy democracy

By Emilia Melville Bristol is the largest city in the south-west of the United Kingdom. It has a strong history of environmental and sustainable initiatives, and was awarded Green Capital of Europe in 2015. This award was won partly thanks to the richness of grassroots sustainability initiatives, including urban food growing projects and community energy … Continued

Bristol Energy Network meeting: Community Energy and You

By Ingrid Wadman The latest Bristol Energy Network meeting was held at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC), an arts organisation and charity contributing to communities with projects using art and digital technologies. During the meeting, organisations across Bristol presented projects, all related to energy, with focus areas mainly in Easton and West Knowle. The projects … Continued

A Beginner’s Guide to Oil and Gas

By Ingrid Wadman On 4 October, Nikki Jones, researcher/writer on global energy, gave her third talk in a series of seven on energy and climate change at the Salt Café on St George’s Road, south of Brandon Hill Park. The aim of the talk was to give an overview of the oil and gas industry, … Continued


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